Why Use a Thermapen Thermometer?

Why Use a Thermapen Thermometer?

There are a number of reasons why the use of a Thermometer during cooking is not only a good idea but good, sensible practice.

Cooking to a temperature that kills harmful bacteria is fairly obvious. There are thousands of food poisoning cases each year, involving millions of hours of lost time and unfortunately, many deaths. The recommended temperatures for cooking various foods are well described elsewhere, but one of the most important methods of cooking that should be monitored is the microwave oven. This method of cooking, or frequently, re-heating, results in an uneven distribution of heating and can result in cold spots. The use of a rapid reading thermometer such as the Superfast Thermapen can enable confirmation that the whole piece of food has been properly heated.

Another positive reason for monitoring temperature is the reduction in over-cooked and therefore spoilt food. Certain foods, such as a solid piece of beef, need not be cooked to a high temperature and therefore, if required, rare meat can be achieved by temperature measurement and an understanding of the whole process.

The efficient use of energy is also an important consideration, not only in financial terms but in the cost to the environment. The unnecessary use of excess energy can be avoided by the use of a thermometer; heating food to the required temperature and no further, saves time, money and the production of greenhouse gases.


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