Temperature and temperature measurement affects every aspect of our lives. Measuring the temperature of the food we eat, and ensuring its safe storage and transportation. Industrial processing of plastics and petro-chemicals used in the manufacture of goods and materials. From Health and safety, to F1 motor racing, all require accurate temperature measurement.

Our aim on this site is to provide Temperature news, Temperature information and Temperature related resources.

Much more coming soon – this site is still under development.

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  • Good morning,
    I would like to ask you about old version of temperature humidity data-logger (order code 849-020, TR temperature and humidity Data-logger with internal Probes and LCD display, PC interface Cradle and TRLog software). We bought it in 2003, in that time we used it successfully. Many years we had not use it, we stored it without battery. This year we wanted to used it again. We bought new battery and wanted to replacement it. We have problem, because we replaced battery and data-logger was not working, nothing appears on the display. Could you help me, what could happen with it? Thank you very much for your help.
    With best regards. Jana

    • Hi Jana – sorry to hear this. Please could you email the team directly on the following email: sales@etiltd.com
      I am sure they will be able to identify the issue for you.

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