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A Guide To Taking Accurate Temperature Readings

Digital thermometers are easy to use and quick to respond. Dial thermometers are mainly being replaced with Digital thermometers, although some still prefer the perceived reliability and robustness of the older technology. A Digital thermometer consists of a probe, a display, and an electronic means of converting the data received from the probe detector into […]

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Moisture Meters for Measuring Damp

Here at ETI we manufacture a range of portable, pin-type (resistance) moisture meters for both the professional and the craftsman. Pin-type moisture meters are acknowledged as a reliable way to obtain percentage moisture readings in a wide range of building materials. The relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance provides consistent and accurate results over […]

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Thermadata Studio – Walk Through Set Up Guide

This blog has been designed as your one stop shop for setting up your new ThermaData WiFi instrument and ThermaData Studio software. You’ll find below a handy guide walking you through step-by-step how to download the ThermaData Studio software and connect your unit to the software, as well as how to start setting up the […]

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ETI Ltd Achieves The Investment In Young People Award

Investment in Young People (IiYP) is the business mark for corporate social responsibility. IiYP is a National Award that recognises the important work that businesses carry out in assisting young people aged 5 to 25 to gain employability skills and to assist them with the transition from education to the world of work. The Sussex Chamber […]

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The Cooking Battle of Time vs Temperature

Here at ETI we’re keen believers that cooking with temperature as your guide instead of time is a much more accurate way of cooking, but of course that’s no surprise as thermometer manufacturers. However the majority of people do cook their food according to the stated time allowed. We understand that you need these time […]

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ETI Celebrate Fourth Queen’s Award Since 2012

On November 7th ETI were extremely proud to be officially presented with our fourth Queen’s Award for Enterprise, this our first in the category for Innovation. The award was presented by the Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex, Mrs Susan Pyper. We were also thrilled to have the Mayor of Worthing Paul Baker along with Mayoress Sandra Baker […]

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What Temperature Should Your Home Be This Winter?

As the weather starts to change and we all dig out those woolly jumpers and winter boots we also start to crank up the central heating in our homes. But what temperature should we actually set it to and does a degree or two really make a difference? Research suggests that we should be heating […]

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ETI Celebrate 35 Years In Business

We are immensely proud and excited to announce the 35 year anniversary of Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd. The company was founded by Miriam and Peter Webb in 1983, the year that Microsoft Word was released and the first commercially available mobile phone was introduced to the public. ETI are a British Manufacturer and are proud to […]

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Infrared Thermometers: Cleaning & Storing

Today we have the next installment in our three part Infrared Thermometer series. We discussed the uses and limitations of using infrared thermometers; now let’s talk about correctly storing and cleaning your infrared thermometer. How to clean your infrared thermometer Use a damp soft cloth or cotton swab (water only) on plastic lenses – never […]

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