Behind the Scenes at Electronic Temperature Instruments

Behind the Scenes at Electronic Temperature Instruments

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd (ETI) is a leading UK thermometer manufacturer, having won four Queen’s Awards since its founding in 1983. We wanted to show what goes into the design and production of our products, so we took a look behind the scenes at our factories in Worthing, West Sussex.

There are three departments at ETI which ensure that our products are high quality and fit for purpose: R&D, production and calibration. We spoke to the team in each department to learn more about what they do.



Creating innovative products begins with an incredible research and development team. At ETI, we conduct extensive market research and utilise customer feedback to ensure every product suits its industry. Keeping up with the latest technologies also helps us produce technologically advanced products, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth thermometers.

Watch the video below to learn more about the ETI R&D department.



Hand-manufacturing our products within our Worthing-based factories means that we have complete control over the quality of this process. As a result, our products are robust, accurate and built to last.

Watch the video below to find out how we make our award-winning thermometers.



Calibration is key to creating accurate and reliable thermometers. We can calibrate our thermometers and offer several in-house services to customers through our UKAS accredited laboratory.

Watch the video below to learn about ETI’s UKAS accredited laboratory.


Watch our full company video below to learn about everything we do at ETI.



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