ETI Department Spotlight: Production

ETI Department Spotlight: Production

At Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd, we are proud to produce award-winning products by using the highest quality parts and processes. 

We have two production departments at our factories in Worthing, West Sussex: Sensors and Instrumentation. We spoke to Simon Dugdale, Sensors Production Manager and Kevin Hunt, Instrumentation Production Manager, about how every step of our processes are completed with precision to create products that last.

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Simon Dugdale — Sensors Production


Why is probe quality important? 

Temperature measurement is a vital part of modern-day kitchens and industrial settings. 

Choosing a quality thermometer with the right type of sensor for the job is essential to ensuring the speed of response and robustness are appropriate for the application.

Our sensors are designed and rigorously tested in each application to ensure they are long-lasting and perform consistently, accurately and repeatedly.


How does ETI source quality probe components? 

Only using the best materials to produce high-quality, long-lasting probes ensures happy customers. 

All our temperature sensor probes are manufactured using high-grade stainless steel which is sourced within the UK. This means we use the best quality materials and ensure our supply chain works responsibly in the production of components. 


ETI thermometer manufacturing process


Does ETI test its probes after production? 

Every temperature sensor that we manufacture is fully tested before they leave our factory. 

They are tested for speed of response and accuracy, size and appearance. 

We take pride in using the latest manufacturing equipment, manufacturing techniques and testing equipment available to ensure consistently high performance. 


What types of sensors are made at ETI?

We manufacture a complete range of thermocouple, RTD and thermistor temperature sensors.  

Several factors must be considered when selecting the type of temperature sensor to be used in a specific application; temperature range, accuracy, response time, stability, linearity and sensitivity. 

Our range of temperature sensors is specially designed for catering and food measurement applications, surface temperature measurement, immersion or air and gas temperature measurement.


ETI thermometer manufacturing process


Kevin Hunt — Instrumentation Production


What machinery is used to build ETI products?

All of our instruments are built here in the UK by hand, with the assembly team using precision-calibrated assembly tools and application tooling to ensure consistency and quality with every build. In some instruments dedicated fixturing and press tools are used. 


How important are testing and quality to production?

Extremely important. 100% of the instruments we make are fully programmed and calibrated here, ensuring they perform within the specified range and accuracy. 

Highly accurate calibration test baths are used to set the instrument temperature parameters. It is vital that our customers can rely on the accuracy of the instruments, whether they are home cooks or professionals following HACCP procedures in industrial environments.


How many checks does a thermometer go through?

Every stage of an instrument build is checked as they pass through the assembly process.

There will be build and component quality checks and mechanical functional tests in the build area. Calibration, speed of response and backlight operational tests are carried out at the calibration stage. Then a final inspection before packing takes place.


What does British manufacturing mean to the company?

Everyone here is passionate about producing high-quality precision instruments. We have total control of the materials we use, the processes and the overall product quality. Having our manufacturing here in the UK is paramount to that.




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