ETI, Nordell & South Downs Leisure Donate Essential Items to Ukraine 

ETI, Nordell & South Downs Leisure Donate Essential Items to Ukraine 

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd (ETI) has joined forces with local businesses Nordell Ltd and South Downs Leisure to donate essential items to Ukraine. 

Each business has been collecting supplies for children and babies, non perishable food items, necessary toiletries and basic first aid provisions over the past few weeks. 

The collection was organised by Virginija Mitokaite, NPI Manager at Nordell. In just a matter of days she managed to secure transport, establish a drop-off point in Poland, confirm charity and city council contacts in Ukraine and purchase food and medical supplies. The donations will be transported by Actionpoint Packaging and distributed by Friend Fund

This week saw the first shipment take place, with 10 boxes being packed up by ETI alone. In addition, ETI are donating sleeping bags, blankets, trek mats and backpacks. 

The ETI team loading donations onto a van ready to be transported to Poland
The ETI team packing up their donations ready for transporting to Poland

Jason Webb, Managing Director at ETI said: “With a number of our employees having family in Ukraine and surrounding countries, the situation in Ukraine has hit very close to home at ETI. Organising a collection is a great way to enable everyone at the company to donate what they can, and we have seen overwhelming generosity so far.” 

Jason added: “It’s very important to us that we do everything that we can to help, and we’re hopeful that with the support of employees at ETI, Nordell and South Downs Leisure, we can all come together to make a small difference.” 

Actionpoint Packaging are currently raising money to help Virginija Mitokaite donate essential items to Ukraine. If you would like to make a contribution to this, you can do so here



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