ETI Supports Local Food Bank Over Festive Period

ETI Supports Local Food Bank Over Festive Period

It’s a difficult time for everyone at the moment, but for some putting a meal on the table is harder than ever before. This is why we’ve chosen to support Worthing Food Foundation in helping to feed our local community over the festive period. Every week from the first week of November until January we are donating a shopping list’s worth of food to the foundation, helping local families in food poverty to not just get through Christmas but to enjoy it.

Matthew Potter from Worthing Food Foundation said: “We are very excited that ETI has offered to support us so generously over the difficult Christmas period. We hope that ETI’s involvement with us will encourage other businesses to get involved. For us it is a recognition that businesses are an active part of their local neighbourhoods and communities.”

In the last six months, Worthing Food Foundation has helped around 700 families access over 5000 meals a month, and during the school holidays they also provide an additional 500 lunches per week. These meals are provided to anyone with food insecurity, whether that’s due to issues with Universal Credit, physical ill health, mental health problems, crushing debt, in-work poverty or spousal abandonment.

Jason Webb, Operations Director at ETI said: “Putting food on the table for your family sets core foundations in day-to-day life. Therefore we felt especially in this time of great need we should support this great organisation which is serving families in our community.”

Jason added: “As a family and a business we want to make a difference in our community. The business we have today wouldn’t have been possible without the employees from the local area and it’s one of the core reasons we are supporting this local charity.”

A small donation to Worthing Food Foundation can make a big difference to someone’s week, with £10 buying enough fruit and veg for a family of four for a week, £20 buying enough food for a single person for a week and £100 buying enough food to provide packed lunches for 20 children for five days.

Aside from donating food or money, there are many ways to support the foundation. Email to offer your own unique volunteering skills, or show your support on social media to help extend their reach.

Matthew said: “This pandemic has shown that no-one is immune from needing help at times. Most importantly, if you see someone you think may be struggling with food, direct them towards us. We will always try to help.”


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