What is the Optimal Office Temperature?

What is the Optimal Office Temperature?

Office temperature is a continual source of debate. Whether there’s a winter cold snap or a summer heatwave, over half of employees are frequently left in discomfort at work. And it even causes disputes. According to research, two in five colleagues have had a fallout over office temperature.

Read on to learn more about UK office temperature guidelines and how to maintain a comfortable office environment for most employees.



What is the minimum working temperature UK?

There is no legal working temperature in the UK. However, the recommended minimum temperature for offices and other workplaces is 16 ºC. For jobs involving physical work, 13 ºC is advised. There is no maximum recommended temperature for UK workplaces.

Employers must also stick to the health and safety at work law by keeping the temperature at comfortable levels and providing clean and fresh air. If you feel your work environment is uncomfortable, it’s important to report it.



What is the ideal office temperature?

There are a lot of different factors that affect how hot or cold people feel, including age, metabolic rate and body fat percentage. So there is no one room temperature that will please everyone.

However, 20 ºC is considered a good room temperature to aim for, with most healthy adults remaining comfortable a few degrees above and below this if wearing appropriate clothing.



How to monitor workplace temperatures

Using a room thermometer can help ensure the air temperature is kept at a reasonable level. Here are our top three recommendations.


Factory Act Thermometer

This simple room thermometer is a cost effective way of ensuring comfortable conditions. Designed for workplace monitoring, 16 °C is clearly marked so you can see if conditions drop below the recommended temperature.


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Digital Max / Min Thermometer

ETI Digital Max/Min Thermometer

Max/min is a handy thermometer function that shows the highest and lowest temperatures over a period of time, giving you a clearer idea of your conditions. This thermometer displays the maximum, minimum and current temperatures simultaneously. The large digital display makes it easier to see the exact temperature, too.


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Comfort Thermometer

Humidity is also an important factor in how comfortable the air feels in an office or workplace. The Comfort Thermometer displays both temperature and humidity. Plus it has the option to view max/min temperatures and toggle between °C and °F.

It also has a colour-coded dial that shows whether the room temperature is cold, comfortable or hot — this should easily help to settle any disputes over office temperatures.


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Though there isn’t currently legal working temperatures in the UK, 16 °C is the minimum recommended office temperature. Employers should keep working conditions at a comfortable level. If employees feel this isn’t being met, they should report it.

20 °C is a good temperature for offices and workplaces to aim for. Everyone is slightly different, but most people shouldn’t find this temperature uncomfortably hot or cold.

Keeping a room thermometer in your workplace can help maintain the temperature at an appropriate level and prevent disputes over conditions.



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