What Temperature Should Your Home Be This Winter?

What Temperature Should Your Home Be This Winter?

As the weather starts to change and we all dig out those woolly jumpers and winter boots we also start to crank up the central heating in our homes. But what temperature should we actually set it to and does a degree or two really make a difference?

Research suggests that we should be heating our homes to the lowest comfortable temperature, which is recommended to be between 18 and 21°C.  The average UK household sets their thermostat to 20.1°C and the average gas bill for a three or four-bedroom house is £48 a month, or £572 a year, according to UK Power.

It’s also been proven that adjusting your thermostat by just one or two degrees really will make all the difference when it comes to paying that energy bill. A lower temperature will reduce your overall energy consumption however there are other ways to control the cost without lowering the temperature beyond 18°C. For example you can use smart thermostats to control when the heating comes on and off, making it the most efficient for both money and heat.

If you don’t have a smart thermostat we recommend purchasing a simple thermometer such as our Therma-Hygrometer Thermometer. Our Therma-Hygrometer displays both the temperature and humidity in addition to indicating and recording both maximum and minimum readings. The unit features an easy to read, large LCD display with analogue arrow indicator and a colour-coded bar to display temperature comfort levels e.g. cold, comfort and hot. This quick and easy indication could save you a significant amount on your energy bills each year.

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