3 Benefits of Using Bluetooth Thermometers for Business

3 Benefits of Using Bluetooth Thermometers for Business

If you’re looking to safeguard your business using up-to-date temperature technology, Bluetooth thermometers are a great way to go. They enable businesses to save time on checks, increase the accuracy of their data and maintain it in an organised, accessible way. This can be a fantastic asset for companies who require complete security and peace of mind over their health and safety checks. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing Bluetooth. 



Time and date-stamped data 

Data integrity is one of the greatest reasons to switch to a Bluetooth system. Many businesses struggle with staff taking checks at the correct times or even not recording them at all. Furthermore, readings can accidentally be written incorrectly or purposely falsified to be compliant. All of these errors can be very frustrating for business managers who rely on these checks to keep their businesses compliant and customers safe. 

With Bluetooth thermometers, every temperature has a time and date stamp to hold staff accountable for taking checks correctly. A user login is also required, so management can have an audit trail that traces each measurement back to the staff member who recorded it. 

In addition, staff will receive pass/fail feedback on every check, either on the connected device or on the thermometer screen (model dependent). They can even be prompted to take corrective actions for out-of-range readings. This ensures the correct remedial actions are taken, increasing safety. 


Thermapen Bluetooth thermometer and HACCP food safety app


Faster temperature checks 

Handwriting temperature checks includes locating the logbook, a working pen and a thermometer. Staff have to probe an item and remember the temperature, writing it down alongside the date, time, their name and the item name. They then have to repeat this many times, several times a day. 

In contrast, users can pre-program Bluetooth thermometers with all of the required information so that staff members can simply probe the item and move on. Temperatures are saved to a device by pressing one button. 

We calculated how much time it saves to record temperatures using one button on our Bluetooth thermometers compared to manually writing them in a logbook. Per check, it saves 30 seconds. If taking 20 checks four times per day, this saves 40 minutes. This equates to over 243 hours a year. At the time of writing, the UK living wage outside of London is £12 per hour. Based on this, it would save £2,916 every year to take Bluetooth checks. 



Accessible data archive 

Maintaining a paper filing system can be costly while accessing historical data can be time-consuming. We spoke to an airline caterer who described how it could take weeks to locate the correct documents from their storage facilities. But now that they use Bluetooth thermometers, they could pull up data from five years ago in two minutes if they needed. The speed and robustness of this data is a game-changer for protecting their reputation against food safety allegations. 




In conclusion, the use of Bluetooth thermometers for your business offers three significant advantages:

Data Integrity: Bluetooth thermometers provide time and date-stamped data, ensuring staff accountability and reducing the risk of errors or falsification. Immediate pass/fail feedback promotes corrective actions, enhancing safety.

Efficiency: Bluetooth thermometers streamline temperature checks, saving significant time and money. They can save up to 243 hours annually for a typical business, equivalent to £2,916 in labour cost savings.

Data Accessibility: Bluetooth thermometers simplify data retrieval, allowing you to access historical records in minutes, a crucial asset for maintaining your business’s reputation and addressing safety allegations.

Bluetooth thermometers are a cost-effective and efficient solution to improve temperature monitoring, ensuring accuracy, saving time and resources, and providing quick access to crucial data.



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