4 Best Bluetooth Thermometers for HACCP Checks 

4 Best Bluetooth Thermometers for HACCP Checks 

Like everything, HACCP is going digital, and for good reason. Manually recording temperature readings using a paper log book leaves vast margins for error. Should anyone need to investigate your historical data, it’s hugely time-consuming to navigate. Most of us wouldn’t dream of managing most aspects of our business using pen and paper anymore, so why still do it for HACCP checks?

Pairing Bluetooth thermometers with HACCP software to create a digital HACCP system provides the most accurate and organised data archive you could have, all whilst saving huge amounts of time and money.

Read on to learn more about how Bluetooth food thermometers work, the benefits of digital food safety and the best Bluetooth thermometers you could introduce to your HACCP plan to streamline your checks.



What are the benefits of using Bluetooth food thermometers for HACCP?


There are so many benefits to switching to a digital food safety system, including:


  • Improved data accuracy and integrity
  • Save time recording checks
  • Organised and accessible data archive
  • Time and date stamp on every reading



How do Bluetooth thermometers work?

Bluetooth thermometers pair with an app on your phone or tablet to store your temperature recordings. As you take temperatures with your thermometer, it will either manually or automatically transfer the readings to your device via Bluetooth, where you can view and analyse your data.

Some Bluetooth thermometers are designed to be set in place and will automatically record temperatures at your chosen intervals, sending each reading to your device as it records.



HACCP Software & Apps 

Managing your temperature recordings using digital food safety software not only makes viewing and storing data easier, but helps users to take readings correctly too.

All ETI Bluetooth thermometers are compatible with a free app for HACCP, which enables you to create checklists, set high/low limits and corrective actions, and export your data.



Best thermometers for digital food safety


Thermapen Blue

Best for: Instant-read temperatures

Thermapen Blue thermometer

Thermapen thermometers are loved by chefs worldwide for their fast, accurate readings and ergonomic design.

The Thermapen Blue’s three-second readings and compact design with folding probe make it the perfect thermometer for daily HACCP checks like probing chilled foods or hot hold items. And by setting corrective actions in the HACCP app, users can be prompted to follow the right protocol if a reading falls outside of range.


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DishTemp Blue 

Best for: Dishwasher temperatures

DishTemp Blue

It’s important to ensure commercial dishwasher cycles operate at temperatures high enough to destroy all bacteria. Test strips are the traditional method of doing this. However, they’re often unreliable and expensive in the long run as they can only be used once.

Our innovative DishTemp thermometers are designed to simulate actual plate temperatures, making them a much more reliable choice for ensuring safe cleaning. The DishTemp Blue records the maximum temperature reached during the cycle, transmitting it to the free HACCP LE app with a time and date stamp added to your reading.


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RayTemp Blue 

Best for: Surface temperatures

RayTemp Blue Bluetooth infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometers are great for taking quick readings of surface temperatures where a surface probe isn’t an option. This could be because the surface is very hot, or it may be out of reach.

The Bluetooth model of our popular RayTemp infrared thermometer is ideal for checking chilled food deliveries, enabling users to quickly unload the produce instead of stopping to record the temperature on a check sheet manually.


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BlueTherm One LE

Best for: Switching between probes


BlueTherm One LE Bluetooth thermometer

The BlueTherm One LE thermometer is compatible with type K thermocouple probes, meaning users can switch between different probes for varying checks without purchasing multiple instruments.

Users could use a between-pack probe for checking chilled food deliveries, a penetration probe for internal food temperatures, and an air probe for room conditions. Each type of reading can be logged under a different checklist in the HACCP app so that data will remain clear and organised.


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There are a lot of different types of Bluetooth thermometers available. And each is tailored to make your daily HACCP checks quicker, more accurate and easier to analyse and store.

Whether you opt for a Bluetooth food thermometer to cover your essential checks, a more specialised option for specific tasks, or a more versatile choice to use across your whole HACCP plan, you’ll be sure to instantly experience the benefits of switching to a digital food safety system.

Explore the full range of ETI Bluetooth thermometers to find the best option for you.




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