Thermapen ONE: The Essential HACCP Process Thermometer

Thermapen ONE: The Essential HACCP Process Thermometer

HACCP plans tend to have quite a few temperature requirements, from deliveries and chilled food storage to cooking and hot holding. Each step is key. And while there are lots of digital thermometers on the market which are tailored to each specific check, if there’s one type every food business should invest in, it’s a reliable temperature probe.

Thermapen food thermometers have long been a staple of professional and home kitchens worldwide, and for good reason. Here we will dissect what the newest model, the Thermapen ONE, such a solid choice for a range of HACCP checks, making it the number one tool for food safety.



Made for a range of checks

The Thermapen One is perfect for a number of daily HACCP checks, including:


  • Probing chilled foods to ensure safe storage
  • Checking that hot foods have been properly cooked or reheated
  • Monitoring foods in hot holding to make sure they stay out of the danger zone
  • Confirming that the cook chill process has been carried out correctly


Its sleek, folding design makes it easy for safely storing inside a pocket for frequent checks throughout the day.




Robust and reliable design

The fundamentals of a good food probe are speed and accuracy. With lightning-fast one-second readings, you can check large batches of food temperatures in seconds with the Thermapen One. Accurate to ±0.3 °C, each probe is calibrated by hand in the UK and supplied with a traceable calibration certificate for complete confidence in your checks.

Busy kitchens need a thermometer that stands up to drops and spills. The Thermapen One is waterproof to IP64, and it undergoes 13 different quality checks by hand before they’re packaged for sale.

Designed and made in Britain, it has a 5,000 hour battery life and comes with a five-year guarantee, so you can be confident that your food safety checks are covered for years to come.



Loaded with ergonomic features

The last thing a busy chef needs is to be fiddling around with thermometer buttons whilst having difficulty reading the screen. The Thermapen One screen automatically switches on/off when you open and close the probe. With the probe open, it will power-off automatically after a short period to conserve battery life, and instantly switch back on if you pick the thermometer back up. This means it’s always quickly ready to read whenever you need it.

In addition to the fast and hygienic buttonless design, the screen also auto-rotates 360 ° for easy reading in either hand and from any angle. And with the automatic backlight that illuminates the screen in low lighting, the Thermapen is ready for any environment.




The speed and reliability of the Thermapen One are what really make this food thermometer perfect for HACCP checks. Easily transportable, quick to switch on and read, and built to withstand busy kitchen environments, there’s no greater choice to make every temperature check easy.


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