5 Weird & Wonderful Uses for a Thermapen

5 Weird & Wonderful Uses for a Thermapen

Our very first Thermapen was launched in 1992, it was and still continues to be a flagship product for Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd. However the Thermapen has come a long way from our first model, the Thermapen Classic. We now host a variety of Thermapens’, all of which can be used in many different areas of industry. This got us thinking, what ways can a Thermapen be used that we haven’t advertised? So we got researching and have found 5 weird and wonderful ways in which you can use one of our fabulous Thermapens…

Did you know? You can determine the sex of baby turtles by what temperature they are kept at whilst nesting. There are two different types of sex-determining mechanisms in reptiles: genotypic sex determination (GSD) and temperature-dependent sex determination (TSD). Some species of reptile such as the green iguana have X and Y sex chromosomes (like mammals). Other reptiles governed by GSD have a system, similar to one found in birds, with Z and W sex chromosomes.

However, in some species of reptiles such as certain species of turtles their sex determination is actually temperature-dependent. There is a critical period of embryonic development which actually occurs once the egg has been laid, meaning that the environmental temperature at which the eggs are nested, will determine whether they hatch as female or male. For example, in many turtle species, eggs from cooler nests hatch as all males, and eggs from warmer nests hatch as all females.

Therefore by using an infrared thermometer such as our Thermapen® IR to test the temperature of the eggs, you could potentially ensure that your hatchlings are all born as male or female – simply by keeping them at warmer or cooler temperatures.

Did you know? In the world of the paranormal many determine whether there is a spiritual presence in the room by whether there is a cold-spot. Some people believe that ghosts or spiritual presences draw from the heat and energy in a room to manifest, causing a sudden drop in temperature in one particular spot. Of course critics have said that natural environmental changes cause these cold-spots however believers have stated that it is simply not comparable as it is ‘like walking into a freezer on a hot summers day, just in one spot of the room’.

Investigators of the paranormal are well known to carry thermometers for this exact reason. Many will use a thermometer which has a probe used for measuring ambient air temperatures, such as the Thermapen® 3 with air probe. The Thermapen® 3 thermometer will give a precise read-out over the range of -49.9 to 299.9 °C. However they may also use an infrared thermometer to determine surface temperatures, such as the Thermapen ® IR.

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Did you know? During pregnancy your bath water cannot exceed a certain temperature. It is advised that while carrying a child your bath water should not exceed your own body temperature, this is suggested between 35°C and 38°C, however always check with your midwife for their recommendations and guidelines. When an expectant mother overheats (becomes hyperthermic) it can potentially cause problems to the unborn baby. Raising your body temperature too high can lead to a drop in blood pressure, which carries a risk of reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that your baby is able to get.

Using a thermometer will help eliminate the worry of these risks, simply run your bath and keep a Thermapen Professional handy to ensure the temperature stays below 38°C. This Thermapen has an IP rating of IP66/67 which means if you drop it in the bath, it wont damage it! If you like long relaxing baths you can monitor the temperature and top up as and when needed.

Did you know? Frost can affect many plants, and is particularly damaging to tender new growth and blossom in the spring. Frost will usually threaten crops during Autumn to Spring and is caused by cold temperatures. Ground frost occurs when the temperature of the ground falls below freezing point (0ºC), this is also the same for air frost. Plant cells are very easily damaged  by frost, and often completely destroyed. The process of repeated freezing and thawing, or even rapid thawing will more often than not lead to destroyed crops altogether. For many farmers and horticulturalists across the world, the threat of frost is very real to their livelihoods.

We would recommend using our Thermapen ® IR, using the infrared to measure the ground surface temperature and the penetration probe to test the soil temperature.

Did you know? Chemicals that are used for developing film rolls in photography need to be kept at certain temperatures. When developing a roll of film there is a three stage method using a Developing Solution, Stop Bath and Fixing Solution. The Developing Solution must be stored at the correct temperature, it is also good practice for the the other chemicals and rinsing water to be kept at the same temperature. Even a degree difference will alter the consistency of the outcome of your prints. Different film manufacturers will ask for the chemicals to be stored at slightly different temperatures to suit that particular film.

Therefore one key instrument needed in a dark room is a good thermometer – our Thermapen Professional gives an accurate reading in just 3 seconds and has an IP rating of IP66/67, meaning you can clean it properly after each measurement.


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