The Secret to the Perfect Christmas Pudding

The Secret to the Perfect Christmas Pudding

According to experts, the secret to Christmas pudding perfection is to heat it to precisely 71 °C. If it gets hotter than 89 °C, the sugars within the fruits in the pudding start to caramelise. So no matter how luxurious its ingredients are, your precious pud will taste bitter.

The best tool for checking your Christmas pudding is perfectly cooked is an instant-read food thermometer like the Thermapen ONE. Not only can you use it for your pudding and other Christmas cooks like turkey and pigs in blankets, but you can also use it year-round for all your roasts, BBQs and baking. 

 Carole Taylor of the Ultimate Plum Pudding Company has been cooking Christmas Puddings for thirty years and supplies puddings to Fortnum & Masons and Harvey Nichols. She uses her British-made Thermapen to ensure that each one is perfectly cooked.

Carole says, “People often don’t realise how important temperature is in ensuring that they maximise the flavour and texture of their Christmas pudding.

“Most of us, including me, use the microwave for cooking our pudding. However, they’re often just whacked in on ‘high’ for a few minutes until they look cooked.

“Quite frankly, overcooking Christmas puddings kills the flavour, and that’s a shame after all the effort and wonderful ingredients I’ve put into it!

“Just follow the instructions carefully, make sure that you have the wattage of your microwave right and check the temperature of your pudding frequently with a Thermapen.”

The ultimate tool for perfecting every dish, the Thermapen One has unrivalled speed and accuracy and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Find more information on Carole’s Christmas Puddings here

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