An Introduction to Anemometers

An Introduction to Anemometers

We take a look at the different types of anemometers, their applications and how to get accurate readings while using them.


What is an anemometer

An anemometer is a device used to measure the speed of wind, or of any current of gas.


How does it work

There are a few different types of anemometers. The most common are cup and vane anemometers. Cup anemometers usually feature 3-4 cups attached to a vertical rod. As the wind blows, the cups and rod spin and the anemometer uses the number of rotations to calculate the wind speed. Similarly, vane anemometers resemble a windmill design and also use mechanical velocity to propel the blades. The speed of the blades is measured by a rev counter and then converted into wind speed.

An Introduction to Anemometers

What are they used for

Anemometers are used in a variety of applications, both outdoor and indoor. At weather stations, determining the wind speed helps to detect a change in weather patterns and forecast storms, for example. This is important for pilots, engineers and climatologists.

HVAC engineers also rely on anemometers to examine the air velocity in rooms, as this is an indicator of air quality. This is where handheld digital vane anemometer thermometers are ideal for quickly checking both the air flow and temperature.

Other uses include:
Weather stations
Ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems
Controlled laboratory testing applications such as wind tunnels
Measuring outdoor wind conditions as part of health and safety checks
Manufacturing processes

An Introduction to Anemometers

How to get accurate readings

To use a digital vane anemometer correctly, first select your preferred unit of measurement from the options available. Once you have done this, hold the vane in the air and ensure it is facing the direction of the wind. It is best to ensure the wind is not being obstructed by objects or your body, so try to find an open space and perhaps hold it above your head for a more accurate reading. Due to wind speed often not being consistent, many anemometers, including our 9035 Anemometer Thermometer, will include max/min and average reading functions to help get an accurate reading.


ETI 9035 Anemometer

The ETI 9035 Anemometer Thermometer is a simple handheld device for measuring air velocity and temperature simultaneously. Suitable for a wide range of uses, it measures air flow over the range of 0.4 to 30 metres per second, with an accuracy of ±3 %.

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