Celebrating 40 Years of Innovative Temperature Solutions

Celebrating 40 Years of Innovative Temperature Solutions

In 1983, Peter Webb began creating industry-leading thermometers in his garden shed. Since then, the company has grown to over 175 employees, collected four Queen’s Awards, and has established itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of temperature solutions worldwide. And last year, Peter handed the reins of the business over to his son, Jason Webb. This summer, we’re delighted to celebrate 40 years of hard work, innovation and incredible employees who have made the business what it is today.



Quality at the heart of every design and build 

Keeping the design and manufacturing of our products in-house puts quality at the heart of everything we do. Created to withstand the harshest applications, perform to the highest standard, and last as long as possible, we consistently strive to make our products a seamless solution that our customers can have confidence in. 

Every element needs to be of the highest quality for our thermometers to perform like no other, so all of our parts are sourced with care. Each thermometer is made and calibrated by hand. Plus, all of our products undergo rigorous checks before they’re prepared for sale; our Thermapen thermometers alone undergo 13 different quality checks by hand during production. 

A key element of the manufacturing and aftercare of our products is calibration. We introduced our first in-house calibration laboratory in 1993. Now we have eight laboratories, including three UKAS-certified laboratories (this year, we are also celebrating 25 years since we became UKAS accredited) and one specifically designed for infrared thermometers. Not only does this give us the capabilities to calibrate each of our products to a high standard, but it also enables ongoing certification tailored to our customers’ needs for continuous confidence in accuracy.




“To be a leader in this field it takes expertise, lots of testing and constant checking, especially when the equipment we manufacture is driven by accuracy.”

Andy Reid, Quality Manager





Consistent development of innovative features

Becoming a leader in the thermometer industry means constantly developing our designs to meet the needs of our customers and the ever-changing demands of the sectors we supply. Our designs are fuelled by research and problem-solving, with every new feature seeking to streamline processes and free up time for development elsewhere.

The unique sleek, folding design of our flagship thermometer, the Thermapen, is a pioneer in its field. Paving the way for generations of instant-read thermometers of its kind, it consistently cuts above the competition with new features such as its 360° rotating screen, backlit display and auto on/off functions, making cooking with confidence easier than ever before. The Thermapen’s innovation is so revered, it’s used by famous chefs and cooking shows worldwide. 



“We design with attention to detail, and quality is our top priority. We want to make sure that the next product that we sell is absolutely right for the application that they want it for.”

Alex Blows, R&D Manager





Leading the technological revolution for thermometers

In recent years, thermometers and smart technologies have intersected to alter the entire process of temperature checks for a number of industries. ETI has been at the forefront of this movement by integrating new technologies into its products in a reliable and user-friendly way, enabling businesses to adapt their processes with ease. 

In 2011, ETI launched Bluetherm, its first Bluetooth thermometer. Now part of a range of eight different thermometers with Bluetooth capabilities, these smart devices have helped hundreds of businesses to go paperless. The benefits of this are threefold: they save huge amounts of time on recording checks, they increase the accuracy and reliability of the data, and they make the recordings more organised and accessible. Later this year, we are excited to launch our first Bluetooth thermometers with dot matrix displays, meaning that users can work through checklists of items and receive instant pass/fail feedback on screen. 



Similarly, ETI’s introduction of Wi-Fi instruments in 2017 has made waves in industries like food processing and catering, where cold food storage can be automatically monitored at programmed intervals and backed up digitally. The cost-saving potential of switching to a Wi-Fi system is exponential, as accidental spoilage can be avoided indefinitely with instant alerts for out-of-range temperatures. 



Our team has a great knowledge of thermodynamics, which has resulted in producing the most advanced thermometers in the world

Jason Webb, Managing Director




Emerging new technologies are the future of thermometry, and we’re excited to see what direction this will take our products in over the next 40 years. One thing’s for sure: with a team as passionate and meticulous as ours, we’ll continue to be at the forefront of new innovations in the temperature industry.



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