Seasonal Swimming with Arundel Lido

Seasonal Swimming with Arundel Lido

As part of health and safety regulations, swimming pools are required to monitor a number of temperatures. This includes ensuring safe and comfortable water temperatures, as well as monitoring water temperatures to control the risk of legionella bacteria. In addition, pool pH needs to be measured — a high water pH can cause skin rashes, while a low pH can sting swimmers’ eyes.

Swimming pools usually maintain a temperature of 25-28 °C for comfortable swimming. However, cold water swimming has increased in popularity over recent years for its mental and physiological benefits. So many outdoor pools are now embracing the natural water temperatures during winter.

One outdoor pool that is passionate about providing its local community with a safe space to carry out the latest well-being trend is Arundel Lido. They’re open at designated times throughout the week for cold water swimmers to welcome the chill amongst Arundel’s scenic views.

Local to us at ETI, this year we made a donation to support their valuable facilities. Subsequently, we went to visit the lido for a cold-water dip and to find out more about their ambitions and how they maintain the pool throughout the season.



We took along our flagship thermometer, the Thermapen, to measure the temperature of the pool. The Thermapen confirmed that the pool temperature was a fresh 13 °C — around half of the temperature of a heated pool. We also brought some new measurement instruments for the lido, including a pH meter. We were pleased to be able to provide the team with some quality equipment to carry out their daily safety checks and to get some fun photos of our waterproof thermometers in action.

More than just an outdoor pool, the lido is driven by a desire to bring joy to local residents. Their community cuppa club, Elevenses, delivers weekly meetups and regular events to anyone looking for social connections. They also organise other seasonal events for adults, children and families, including fitness classes, picnics and BBQs.

We’re delighted to be supporting the lido in their mission to bring meaningful experiences to local lives, and we’re excited to see where the development of their facilities and events takes them.

ETI Managing Director, Jason Webb, said: “As Managing Director of ETI, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting local organisations. Our donation and contribution of temperature monitoring products for the pools at Arundel Lido will help to ensure this fantastic venue remains a safe and enjoyable space for the community to enjoy.”


Inspired to try cold water swimming? Check out our Temperature Guide to Safe Cold Water Swimming to learn how to take it up safely.



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