ETI Environmental Activity & Commitments

ETI Environmental Activity & Commitments

Here at ETI we are committed to helping reduce, reuse and recycle. We are continually looking for new ways to improve the environmental performance of all our business activities whether that be staff related, packaging, distribution and even wider into the community itself. We recognise that protecting our environment  is a lifelong commitment. We will strive to continually update our practices in light of advances in technology and new
understandings in health and environmental science. Here is a look into what we are currently doing to reduce our footprint…


Recent Changes made by our Eco Initiative Team

Switched all notepads used by staff members to 100% recycled notepads. We discovered not only do you actually get more pages but they’re also cheaper than our previous notepads. Both a win for the environment and for the company.

We also switched all of our printing paper in-house to recycled paper. All of our departments have also reduced the amount they are printing significantly.

In our warehouse department the packing team have almost eliminated bubble wrap and have installed a new machine called the RanPak/PadPak. Their natural packaging solutions are 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable. 85% of Ranpak paper packaging consists of either entirely or partially recycled content.

All of our canteen areas have almost  (pending the arrival of a new dishwasher) completely removed the plastic cups from the water dispensers and all staff have been encouraged to bring in their own reusable water bottles. The volume of plastic bottled water available in the vending machines has also been reduced by around 75%.

Staff volunteered in a Beach Clean event in Worthing, West Sussex. Over 90 members of staff split into ten groups to collect rubbish from Worthing beach and seafront. It was a huge success and we managed to fill 18 bin bags full of rubbish. Plastic in the oceans is one of the biggest problems facing our environment today so we were pleased to run this campaign in a bid to help raise awareness of the problem.

Previous and Ongoing Commitments

All of our catalogues and leaflets are printed at Gemini print in Sussex. Gemini Print is one of the leading eco-friendly printers in the UK. Gemini is registered for FSC® and confirms their dedication to using only paper from sustainable forests. They are also ISO 14001 Certified Printers. The ISO 14001 environmental management standards exist to help organisations minimise how their operations negatively affect the environment and cause adverse changes to air, water or land.

ETI staff members have always been and will always be encouraged to car share or cycle to work in a bid to help reduce emissions. They are also instructed to clean and recycle any packaging they may have from lunches or snacks into the appropriate bins provided at both ETI sites.

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