ETI Introduces Mental Health Training in the Workplace

ETI Introduces Mental Health Training in the Workplace

ETI has introduced mental health training to support its workforce. We are using The Mad and Sad Club to help 30 of our staff identify when someone might be struggling and to signpost them in the right direction to get the help they need.

With part of the enjoyment of working on the factory floor coming from collaborating with colleagues, to having this suddenly taken away and working in enclosed spaces to comply with social distancing, we quickly saw some cracks in our workforce when it came to mental health.

“To continue to adhere to Government restrictions, our workforce haven’t had the chance to even interact on tea breaks to let off steam, which is important,” comments Jason Webb, ETI Director. “In this industry, workers like to catch-up and discuss how their weekend was, for example. We identified that this wasn’t happening and quickly noted that some individuals, who we thought were in a good place, were actually struggling. As a director, you get used to working solo but for our team on the factory floor it came as a sudden, drastic, and in many cases, an unwelcome change.”

ETI has placed 30 members of staff through specialist mental health training. The management team will work closely with supervisors and team leaders who interact daily with the workforce, and who might be more approachable for someone who is struggling or does have a problem. It also places them in a position to identify any warning signs and opens up a channel of communication for someone on the factory floor who might be concerned about a colleague.

Jason Webb adds: “The pandemic has impacted everyone, be it physically, psychologically, or even financially. ETI is a supportive community, and it will stay that way. We know we aren’t therapists, but we do have an obligation to keep the welfare of our staff at the front of mind. If they need support, then they know they can ask and be listened to.”


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  • Topics include understanding how common mental disorders present in the workplace, recognizing when help is needed, reaching out to colleagues, knowing what works, and building on success.

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