Infrared Thermometers: Cleaning & Storing

Infrared Thermometers: Cleaning & Storing

Today we have the next installment in our three part Infrared Thermometer series. We discussed the uses and limitations of using infrared thermometers; now let’s talk about correctly storing and cleaning your infrared thermometer.

How to clean your infrared thermometer

  1. Use a damp soft cloth or cotton swab (water only) on plastic lenses – never use soap or chemicals
  2. Carefully wipe the lens area first and then the body of the thermometer
  3. Allow the lens to dry fully before using the thermometer
  4. Never submerge any part of your infrared thermometer in liquid.

How to store your infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometers MUST be kept free of dirt, moisture, fog, smoke and debris. If any of these conditions are present then a different style of thermometer such as a surface temperature probe or non-infrared thermometer should be used. We recommend that you store your infrared thermometer somewhere that is between 4-50°C, protecting it from extreme temperatures.

Use care to protect your infrared thermometer from drops or shocks because this can damage the instrument casing, lens and infrared sensor, affecting the accuracy of readings. Many of our instruments have protective boots, brackets or lanyards available to purchase which will help to protect it in the environment.

Particular care should be taken to keep the infrared lens or opening clean and free of debris.

Inspect the lens on a regular basis and only clean when necessary. A clean lens is key to ensuring accuracy of readings but over cleaning may damage the lens.


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