The Complete Guide to ThermaData Studio

The Complete Guide to ThermaData Studio

We have created a comprehensive video tutorial that will take you through how to install, set up and use ThermaData Studio software. Simply follow the video below to learn how to start logging your temperatures.

ThermaData Studio is an easy and user-friendly platform for the management and analysis of temperature data. It is compatible with the following products: ThermaData Loggers, ThermaData WiFi, Stainless Pro, ThermaData Lite and Bluetooth LE instruments. 


What does the ThermaData Studio tutorial cover?

  1. Installation and connection set-up
  2. Logger settings and location installations
  3. Auto-archiving
  4. Email alerts
  5. TD Link – mobile notifications
  6. Viewing data



Download ThermaData Studio Software here.


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