Top 5 Room Thermometers for Saving Energy

Top 5 Room Thermometers for Saving Energy

Winter heating bills can be costly, particularly in the current climate. Businesses and individuals should maintain safe temperatures indoors where possible, especially where vulnerable people are concerned. But energy consumption also needs to be kept as low as possible.

Using room thermometers to monitor the air temperature is a great way to have a reliable, visual indication of when to switch on the heating and when an extra layer might suffice.

Read on to learn what temperatures you should be aware of this winter. Plus, find out which room thermometer is best for making your home or business more energy efficient to save money on energy bills.



What temperature should my home or business be?

While there is no law for temperatures in the workplace, the guidance suggests that the temperature should be at least 16 ºC or 13 ºC if employees are doing physical work.

Employers must also stick to the health and safety at work law by keeping the temperature at comfortable levels and providing clean and fresh air. 20 ºC is considered a good room temperature to aim for, with most healthy adults remaining comfortable a few degrees above and below this if wearing appropriate clothing.



What about humidity? 

Comfortable conditions aren’t just about temperature; humidity is an important factor too. And in the winter, increased heating use or drying wet washing inside can cause humidity levels to drop or rise beyond the recommended zone of 30-60%. Indoor humidity levels over 60% can foster mould and dust mites; lower can cause dry skin and nasal passages.

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How does a room thermometer help to save money on energy?


More accurate temperatures 

Thermostats are often an inaccurate representation of the temperature inside your home. A thermometer will provide a clearer idea of whether you should turn your heating up or down.


Small changes, big results 

Gaining a better idea of your room temperatures makes it easier to know what adjustments to make to your thermostat. Turning the thermostat down by 1 degree can save as much as 10% on your bill.


Monitor your energy-saving solutions

Using a thermometer is helpful for trying out different energy-saving tips, like closing curtains and using draught excluders, and monitoring how much of a difference they make.

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Why should you use a room thermometer for your business?


Create a safe environment 

Hospitals and nursing homes should keep people with long-term health issues, elderly people and babies at safe temperatures.


Maintain staff satisfaction

Ensure employees are healthy and happy by ensuring conditions aren’t too cool or too hot.


Keep track of storage temperatures

Prevent goods sensitive to temperature and humidity from spoiling.



Best room thermometers for your home or business

ETI Factory Act thermometer

Best Budget Room Thermometer for Businesses 

Factory Act Thermometer

The Factory Act Thermometer is a simple, affordable method of monitoring room temperatures. It displays the temperature in both °C and °F, and users can mount it onto the wall for easy reading. This is a great option for factories, offices, warehouses and other workplaces where staff should work in comfortable conditions.

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ETI Digital Max/Min Thermometer

Best Indoor Thermometer with Max/Min Function 

Digital Max/Min Thermometer

The Digital Max/Min Thermometer is the best choice for getting a more accurate idea of your room temperatures. It simultaneously displays the maximum, minimum and current temperatures, making it easier to see indoor temperature fluctuations.

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ETI Comfort Thermometer

Best Room Thermometer for Homes 

Comfort Thermometer

The Comfort Thermometer is a fantastic option for those who like a clear visual indication of whether the room temperature is cold, comfortable or hot. The colour-coded scale makes it easy to see whether to make adjustments to your surroundings, such as turning your thermostat up or down slightly. This home thermometer ensures your environment is warm enough without overspending on heating bills.

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ETI ThermaData Wi-Fi thermistor data logger

Most Accurate Room Thermometer for Businesses

ThermaData Wi-Fi Thermistor Logger

The ThermaData Wi-Fi Thermistor Logger is ideal for businesses that may need greater security over their room temperatures. Simply set the device in place, and it will take readings automatically at your chosen intervals. Connect it to our free software to view data remotely and set up alerts to receive an email if the temperatures fall out of range. 24/7 access and instant alerts mean businesses can take corrective actions as quickly as possible, preventing costly spoilage.

If you need temperature and humidity readings, the ThermaData Wi-Fi HTD has got you covered.

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