A Guide to ISO EN 13485-Certified Food Thermometers For Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

A Guide to ISO EN 13485-Certified Food Thermometers For Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Ensuring that equipment for safety processes is reliable and fit for purpose often involves carrying out tests using a particular standard. If the equipment passes these tests, it is certified for that standard. 

There are two types of ISO EN 13485 tests; one verifies the performance of medical devices, and the other is for food thermometers used in cold chain temperature monitoring. This blog will cover ISO EN 13485 testing for food thermometers. 

Read on to learn more about why choosing an ISO EN 13485-certified thermometer for food is beneficial and which ones we’d recommend. 



What does ISO EN 13485 mean? 

ISO EN 13485 is a European Standard of testing equipment to verify its conformity to suitability and performance requirements. It sets the technical and functional characteristics for all types of thermometers (electronic, mechanical, etc.) for equipping the means used for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep-frozen/quick-frozen food and ice cream and for measuring the internal temperature of the products.



Why should I choose an ISO EN 13485-certified thermometer?

Choosing an ISO EN 13485-certified food thermometer for cold chain temperature monitoring means that you can be confident that your equipment has been tested against a European Standard. This means that your thermometer is fit for purpose and will perform well when used to monitor cold food storage, transportation and distribution. 



Which are the best ISO EN 13485-certified thermometers? 

At ETI, we offer a range of ISO EN 13485-certified thermometers for different applications. This includes instant-read thermometers for taking quick internal temperatures, data loggers for digital recordings, fridge thermometers for storage temperatures and infrared thermometers for surface readings.

Find the best digital thermometer for you below.


Red Thermapen One food thermometer standing upright, probe at a 45° angle, against a white background

Thermapen ONE — Best All Round Thermometer for HACCP

Every food business needs a fast, accurate and reliable probe thermometer. There is no better choice than the bestselling Thermapen thermometers. The Thermapen One’s folding probe and one-second readings make it a convenient tool for quickly conducting various checks as part of HACCP and other health and safety requirements. 

Shop the Thermapen On instant-read food thermometer


Therma 20 food thermometer with a wired between-pack probe against a white background.

Therma 20 – Best for High Accuracy Readings

The Therma 20 is a thermistor thermometer which offers high-accuracy readings. Its high system accuracy of ±0.4 °C is guaranteed for the life of the thermometer, allowing users to have consistent confidence in their measurements. Compatible with a wide range of interchangeable probes, the Therma 20 can be used to take measurements of solids, liquids, air, gas and much more. 

Shop the Therma 20 thermistor food thermometer


Saf-T-Log food thermometer

Saf-T-Log – Best for Paperless Temperature Measurements

The Saf-T-Log is perfect for businesses looking to digitise their temperature measurements. Each reading is automatically archived and includes the date, time and user name of each reading. This paperless system is perfect for increasing the accuracy, reliability and accountability of temperature data. Compatible with a wide range of interchangeable type K thermocouple probes, the Saf-T-log can be used for various applications, such as surface and between-pack readings. 

Shop the Saf-T-Log data logger. 


ThermaGuard fridge thermometer

ThermaGuard – Best for Reliable Fridge Monitoring

The ThermaGuard fridge freezer thermometer is a high-accuracy, reliable tool for monitoring fridge freezer temperatures. Simultaneously displaying the max, min and current temperatures, the device will alert if readings fall out of range. Available with single or dual external sensors, the ThermaGuard fridge thermometer also has a CalCheck function so users can verify the accuracy of their readings at any time.

Shop the ThermaGuard fridge freezer thermometer.


Therma Waterproof thermometer

Therma Waterproof – Best for Harsh Environments 

The Therma Waterproof is a robust digital thermometer with IP66/67 protection. Perfect for industries such as food processing, this durable food thermometer is designed for harsh applications where protection from water and damage is essential. It also has a type K thermocouple probe socket, allowing users to switch between a wide range of probes for different applications. 

Shop the Therma Waterproof digital thermometer.



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