4 Best Garden Thermometers for Greenhouses, Soil & Compost

4 Best Garden Thermometers for Greenhouses, Soil & Compost

Temperature is a key element for successful gardening. From greenhouse temperatures for happy plants to soil thermometers for successful germination and growth, these four tools are essential for the keen gardener.



Compost Thermometer

A compost thermometer is an important tool for hot composting. The hotter it is, the faster your pile will break down. But too hot, and it will dry out. Watching it drop out of the hot phase also lets you know when to turn your pile, ensuring your material is evenly composted.

The ETI Compost Thermometer’s colour-coded scale makes it easy to see when your compost is within each stage: warm, active and hot. In addition, it has a 500mm long probe, perfect for reaching inside a large pile.


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Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Alarm

Monitoring garden and greenhouse temperatures is important for plant growth. A good indoor/outdoor thermometer means gardeners can check both at once or monitor garden temperatures from the comfort of their living room.

The display unit features an internal sensor for measuring the indoor room or greenhouse temperature and a remote probe which can be affixed outdoors to read the garden temperature. It also features a programmable high/low alarm for the remote probe, alerting you if temperatures fall outside your desired range.


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Max/min thermometer for greenhouses

The greenhouse thermometer with max/min feature is useful if you want to ensure the temperature has stayed within your desired range over a period of time.

Perfect for maintaining optimum conditions for plants, it also has a remote probe so you can measure the indoor and outdoor temperatures simultaneously. You can also set the alarm to notify you if the temperature falls outside of your desired range, so you can take action to protect your plants.


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Rain Gauge

This one is not a thermometer, but rain is an equally useful measurement for gardeners to consider. Garden rain gauges enable measurement of rainfall, allowing gardeners to determine the best time for planting and how much watering plants require.

The ETI Rain Gauge is an easy-to-read device which measures rain from 0 to 40mm. The revolving ring will determine the amount of rain that has fallen in the given period. The gauge comes with a holder so it can be mounted onto a Ø26mm pole.


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