HACCP Checks: Save Over £600 a Year with This Easy Step

HACCP Checks: Save Over £600 a Year with This Easy Step

Data loggers automate the temperature-taking process. They allow temperatures to be taken at programmed intervals, and will digitally back up the results. Eliminating the need for an employee to physically take and write down the temperature means time can be freed and money can be saved, and we believe that this is a huge long-term investment for your business.

Our previous blog post in this data logger series looked at our five main types of logger and what applications they’re most suited for, to help you choose the best option. This post will examine how loggers save time and money to create a less stressful HACCP plan and more efficient business.

How data loggers save time

Without loggers, members of staff have to interrupt their busy days multiple times by locating log books and a working pen, then visiting various control points to read and note the temperatures. This costs a lot of time, and there’s much room for error in this system, error that can result in large financial losses if corrective actions are not carried out quickly enough.

We monitored the time it takes one person to take five temperature checks and write them down. The result was four minutes. Based on a business that completes these checks three times daily, and is open 365 days a year, that’s 73 hours of annual labour. Why not let a device, with a one off cost, monitor your temperature checks and allow staff to spend their time on better tasks?

As well as time lost on completing the checks, there is the time spent training staff on how to carry them out. With loggers, the temperatures and intervals are simple to set and will be automatically carried out once the device is in place. Depending on the model, they can collect thousands of readings before being connected to a computer via USB where the data can be viewed and accessed easily and clearly.

How data loggers save costs

At the time of writing, the UK living wage is £9.50. Based on this, 73 hours a year spent taking temperatures will cost £693.50. Our loggers offer an entirely paperless, automated HACCP system from just £27 ex VAT, with free software and no ongoing subscription costs.

When out-of-range temperatures are not immediately identified, and corrective actions are taken too slowly, it can result in huge amounts of food waste and financial loss. WiFi loggers provide incredible protection against this by sending email alerts for out-of-range temperatures, meaning that you can be notified anywhere, anytime, as soon as the logger identifies an issue. Data can also be viewed in real time using the free TD Link app. This means complete confidence that kitchen equipment is performing correctly at all times from just £90 ex VAT.

Saving money isn’t the only benefit to going paperless, eliminating the need for multiple members of staff to move between various control points while handling paper, pens and thermometers will reduce points of contact. This is hugely beneficial while trying to increase safety at work under COVID-19.


Data loggers enable you to simplify your HACCP plan, reduce your staff workload and save costs on wages and outages, while also minimising human contact. From completing daily checks to preparing for EHO visits, your data will be more organised and accessible — and with 24/7 temperature monitoring and a reliable digital record of time-stamped temperature data, you can always be confident that your food is safe for consumption.

If you’re not sure what type of logger is most suitable for your business, please read our previous blog post ‘How to Select the Right Temperature Data Logger’ or contact our sales team at sales@etiltd.co.uk.


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