How to Select the Right Temperature Data Logger

How to Select the Right Temperature Data Logger

At ETI, we work to find unique temperature solutions that fit your HACCP and safety plans, so that your procedures can be as efficient and reliable as possible. With data loggers, the units will capture accurate temperature data which can be archived for traceability and auditing. There are a number of benefits to switching to this cost-effective, paperless system, no matter which type of logger you choose. We have a range of loggers that suit different budgets and applications, from blind loggers ideal for transportation to WiFi loggers that send email alerts for ultimate security. Learn more about our five main types of temperature logger below.


The benefits of switching to data loggers

Time and date stamp – Readings where you want them, and when you want them.

Eliminate human errors – From taking the temperatures inaccurately to logging the data incorrectly, there are multiple opportunities for human error within a paper-based system.

Save time on checks – Simply program your temperatures and intervals and put your logger in place. Data can be downloaded to your device where it can be viewed and stored quickly and easily.

Save money on spoilage – Ensure checks are completed correctly, identify issues more easily and carry out corrective actions more quickly in order to avoid costly waste.


Common applications for data loggers

There are many uses for loggers, such as ensuring compliance with legislation, helping to save costs, ensuring the quality of a product or for research purposes in the following industries:
● Food processing
● Environmental agriculture
● Logistics
● Laboratories
● Museum & archives
● Refrigeration
● Medical


Which data logger is best for me?

ThermaData Lite Logger
£27.00 ex VAT
Best overall low-cost option
Ideal for transportation

+ 16000 readings
+ 3-year battery life
+ Multiple colours available
– Internal sensor only
– No LCD screen

The ThermaData Lite logger is a cost effective, self-contained temperature data-logger that records the temperature of the surrounding environment. Housed in a water-resistant case, it incorporates two LED status indicators that will alert users to out-of-range temperatures.

With its large memory, long battery life and selection of colours, this logger is the perfect economic choice for ensuring perishables are kept to temperature during transportation.

ThermaData Loggers
From £50.00 ex VAT
Best for thermistor sensor accuracy
Ideal for fridges and freezers

+ LCD screen option available
+ Dual sensor option available
+ Internal or external sensor options
– 4000 readings
– 1.5-year battery life
– Only 1 colour available

The ThermaData loggers are a range of portable data loggers housed in waterproof, ergonomic cases. Available with or without an LCD display, the loggers have a choice of internal or external temperature sensors/probes. Each logger incorporates a flashing red LED that indicates if your customised preset alarms have been exceeded.

The LCD screen option and choice of probes make this logger the best low-cost alternative for those who are looking for external sensors and to actively view temperatures on the device. This logger is the perfect choice for ensuring perishables are stored at the correct temperature.

Thermocouple ThermaData Loggers
From £100 ex VAT
Best for wide temperature range
Ideal for high temperature applications

+ LCD screen option available
+ Durable design
+ Interchangeable Thermocouple probes
+ Two channel input

These dual-input Thermocouple ThermaData loggers are housed in a water resistant, ergonomic case, either blind or with an LCD display. The ThermaData loggers measure temperature over the range of -100 to 1372 °C (type K thermocouple) or -100 to 400 °C (type T).

With their wide temperature range and durable casing, the Thermocouple loggers are the perfect choice for high temperature applications with the added benefit of an LCD screen option.

Stainless Steel ThermaData Pro Loggers
From £95.00 ex VAT
Best for rugged design
Cook chill processes simplified

+ 1 second sample rate
+ Available in 6 models
+ Fast response variant available
– No LCD screen

These Stainless Steel ThermaData Pro loggers are ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other applications where a high temperature data-logger is required. The Stainless Steel Pro is housed in a waterproof, food grade 316 stainless steel case to protect the logger from corrosion, impact and moisture.

With their wide temperature range and durable stainless steel casing, these loggers are the perfect choice for harsh applications such as the cook chill process.

ThermaData WiFi Loggers
From £90.00 ex VAT
Best for accessibility
Ideal for most applications

+ Email alerts when alarm limits are exceeded
+ Real-time data accessible worldwide
+ App available for push notifications
+ 3 models available
– WiFi connection required

The ThermaData WiFi loggers are a battery powered, cost-effective, temperature monitoring system that remotely record the temperature of appliances and buildings. Each logger transmits the recorded data to your PC, laptop or tablet via the internet anywhere in the world.

With their choice of internal and external sensors, email alerts and worldwide accessible data, the ThermaData WiFi Loggers are suitable for most applications where users want to ensure corrective actions can always be carried out immediately for complete security.

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